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Fanmix: I Feel the Earth Move [Smallville - girl!Clark/boy!Lana - PG]
by El (smokeandsong)
at December 23rd, 2010 (08:33 pm)

Title: I Feel the Earth Move
Fandom: Smallville
Subject: girl!Clark/boy!Lana
Disclaimer: Clark and Lana belong to the people at Smallville and DC Comics. Songs belong to their respective artists. Graphics were made by me.
Rating/Warnings: PG; none.
Mixers Notes: For singustosleep's first challenge, genderswap/orange. I didn't expect to enter this, but I got really frustrated with technology the past few days and this came out. I really had no idea who to go for when representing these two, so I went with what I know and chose Genevieve Cortese for girl!Clark and Ian Somerhalder for boy!Lana. Even though Ian was on Smallville as Adam Knight back in Season 3, I couldn't think of anyone more suited for the part.

I feel the earth move under my feel // I feel the sky tumblin' down )